About us

LABA Douala | Free Academy of Fine Arts

The innovative alternative of artistic education in Douala

The Free Academy of Fine Arts of Douala is a Private Institute of Religious Higher Education in Cameroon created by ORDER N°19-00455/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP OF 22 MAY 2019 and opened by ORDER N°20 00409/MINESUP OF 01 JUNE 2020.
The 6-semester training cycle prepares students for the BTS and Licence Professionnelle diplomas to guarantee them the possibility of continuing their studies with a Master's degree.
LABA was founded in 2015 by the "Centro Orientamento Educativo" (COE), an Italian NGO in collaboration with the "Libera Academia di Belle Arti" (LABA) Brescia-Italy and the Archdiocese of Douala-Cameroon. The academy is the first institution of higher education in Cameroon and Central Africa that offers a high training and innovation course specialising in the fields of Design and Art.
LABA enables students to develop critical and technical skills specific to the fields of design by means of empirical methods, a contribution of students' own creativity and strong involvement in the professional reality thanks to the training modalities. Our objective is to help our students to be sensitive to their socio-cultural and professional environment, to identify the problems associated with it and to provide creative, functional, entrepreneurial and aesthetic solutions using traditional and advanced technological means that contribute to the transformation of this environment. Moreover, we strive to guarantee socio-professional integration through the training of professional profiles that can be part of the change in the job market; such profiles are capable of innovation and respect the environment through the opportunities offered by the digital economy to the fields of art, culture and industry.
LABA welcomes students from various backgrounds without distinction that wish to work later in the fields of product-environment-space design, photography and audiovisual, illustration and animation, fashion design, web and graphic design and finally art history and visual arts.