The project


The project intends to contribute and promote art and culture as a lever of sustainable development in Cameroon and aims to:

  • Strengthen the civil society and public actors in Cameroon in their ability to present innovative cultural propositions, respecting the tradition, in adding value to art and culture as an actual working sector for the young generation and in seeing the arts as an engine for social and economic development.
  • Develop skills and relevant professionalism in young people for the integration of the plastic and visual arts in the Cameroonian market, putting together traditional knowledge with innovative technology and digital culture.

Strategies and main activities

Development of institutional, administrative and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Creation of a cultural Hub in Douala with three local branches in Douala, Mbalmayo and Bafoussam. The Hub will be a social enterprise and a point of reference for training, research, innovation, production and the diffusion of art and culture.
  • Analysis of the artistic and cultural sector and chains.
  • Advocacy and education of private and public bodies who operate in the sectors of art and culture, managing and promoting  artistic and cultural assets.
  • Incubation and support for original start-ups and reinforcement of existing cultural enterprises.

Education and building people’s skills

  • Strengthening the training provided by LABA ( Libre Académie des beaux arts) Douala in the new context of the Hub.
  • Workshop on the emergence of African fashion  on the international scene.
  • Workshop specialised in interior design for designers and architects.
  • African Fabbers School
  • Renovation of the training provided by IFA (Institut de Formation Artistique)

The context

In Cameroon today, despite the strong political stability, the rate of  poverty stands at 37.5% and unemployment  reaches 10%, and is also very high among the young even with a higher education, demonstrating the unsuitable balance between the educational system and the needs of the labour market.
In this context, culture with its abundance and diversity in the artistic and cultural tradition of Cameroon, offers huge potential for the sustainable development of the nation.

The Promoter

COE- Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo
The Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo-COE, founded in 1959, implements projects concerning social, educational and cultural development in Italy and abroad; particular attention is always given to the artistic and cultural sector. COE has been working in Cameroon since 1970. The Association has also been organised the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival since 1991.

The Partners

IFA – Institut de Formation Artistique
IFA is an academy which, with its sculpture, painting and ceramics classes, is the only art school in the country. They’ve always been actively involved in the promotion of culture and art in Cameroon.
Archdiocese in Duala
The Catholic Church institution that has always been actively involved in favour of the young generation in the field of school and university education, of vocational training and education through art and culture.

This school of fine arts offers classes in Visual Arts, Interior Architecture and Design, Scenography, New Technologies in the Arts and Artistic planning for enterprises with classes on Fashion Design, Photography, Design, Graphic Design and Multimedia. In 2013, they promoted the creation of LABA Douala with COE aiming to develop a project of high quality academic education, contributing international experience acquired in the sector.

ISF-MI – Ingegneria senza Frontiere
A non-profit organisation that involves professionals with a scientific background active in favouring the realisation of sustainable development. They have many years of experience in the social sector (social integration, social enterprise, AGR); they have been operating in Cameroon since 2011 also thanks to the collaboration with COE.

DONTSTOP architettura
An architectural firm that provides cultural and technical contents concerning space. They implement projects with high standards in all planning fields, they stand out on the Italian scene for the dynamism of their components and their international expertise acquired over the years. They’ve been in contact with COE since 2016.

A.F. - Afro Fashion
A.F. is the first Italian company to be involved in the organisation of events with a strong cross-cultural impact on fashion, design and in the education of young designers on the national territory. In 2016 they opened the Milano Fashion Week.

In collaboration with

Urban Fablab

A design laboratory, which uses an interdisciplinary approach that integrates project creation with  self-produced culture. They expand from local organisations up to design combining technology innovations with sustainable development and creativity.

Supported by

Direction du Développement et de la Promotion des Arts  du MINAC -Ministère des Arts et de la Culture
Délégation Régional de la Jeunesse et de l'Education Civique du Littoral
Délégations Départementales de la Jeunesse et de l'Education Civique du Wouri et du Nyong et So'o


The project is financed by AICS – Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

For further information

Scientific and Artistic Director of the project
Paul-Henri S. Assako Assako